IS RE for Me?

Is RE for Me??

This is an essential question to reflect upon individually and collectively (with all members of your family) before considering registering for this event.

How do I know if RE is for ME?

When people ask me this question, I often rapid fire with a few questions of my own:
Are you comfortable with consensual hugging?

  • Are you comfortable with people expressing their deepest and truest thoughts about themselves or their experiences and their hurts?
  • Do you embrace tears as a healthy way to release sadness?
  • Can you witness these things without judgment, without offering your “expert” advice in someone else’s life?
  • Can you embrace the person next to you with full acceptance of the color of their skin, the gender they identify as, or whoever they love?
  • Is it important to you to keep evolving as a person, even when that realization is humbling, scary, maddening or sad?

Because even though we laugh hard at RE, even though we cheer, sing, dance, play, and have great discussions, we thrive on the ‘ah-ha’ moments. We painfully stretch ourselves to dig deep and to evolve. If this is not something you (or those attending with you) desire or are dedicated to, RE is not for you.…

We Evolve with Intention

RE, in one form or another, has been around for over 25 years, evolving from its focus on learning/education to conscious “family” living. It seems that once you start questioning a system that didn’t work for you, a whole tapestry of limiting beliefs begins to unravel. We now focus on a more holistic, community building event, that provides space to talk about the many systems or beliefs that have or need to fall away to feel free in a conscious, self determined life. If this inspires you, RE could be for you.

Intention of Freedom with Responsibility

We firmly believe in the freedom of each and every member (including children) as well as the right to express ones self, but not at the cost of another’s freedom. We ask that all attendees take responsibility for themselves and their families, so no harm is done to themselves, another person or their property. This always includes our host property’s policies and strictly adheres to federal and state laws.

Intention of Diversity with Solidarity

At RE we celebrate, embrace, and encourage diversity (demographic, ideological, and lifestyle), and we hope that through internal and external examination of history, cultural norms, and privilege, we are better equipped to stand in solidarity for equality.

Intention of Questioning with Respect

At RE we participate in passionate debate within a loving container. We are here to listen to each other, share personal thoughts and ideas while being fully aware that we are only an expert in our own lives.

Intention of Vulnerability with Safety

At RE we are committed to being willing to show up and share all that is on our heart, and we are equally committed to holding a place of support and non-judgment so that our deepest vulnerabilities can be explored because we feel safe. Safe, also in that everyone is responsible for co-creating that safe container, that often personal and/or systemic traumas emerge, that the group trusts each person to identify her/his/their personal edge.

Intention of Participation with Awareness

RE has become such a great experience because of the contributions of those who share. Every year is full of surprises as new and old participants share the very best of themselves, whether it’s through their stories, a musical moment, a great activity for the kids or just jumping in when we need a hand. RE attendees have claimed this gathering as their own and are fully responsible for their own enjoyment of this gathering. When participating, we strive to be thoughtful of how our words and actions can affect another. If you feel you can be fully responsible for what you get out of this experience and can think of a way you could share your talents, gifts, or interests with the group, then RE might be for you.

We hope you found this helpful and clear because it is our hope to provide an environment that is in alignment for our current and our new attendees.

Sincerely and Thank you,

The K’s