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Beth Noelle

Beth Noelle is a professional singer, voice teacher, accompanist, dance instructor, and Musical Theater performer/director. In 2003, Beth began combining her interests in music, voice, bodywork, and personal growth to form an innovative approach to singing and self-expression: The PATH of Authentic Voice. In 2012, Beth joined the adjunct faculty of Portland State University, where young jazz singers are now discovering their own authentic voices.

Beth is also the creator of Movo:Dance, an hour-long movement ritual that celebrates the power and pleasure of embodied living. She has a Black Belt in Nia Technique, which she taught for six years before turning her creative energies to Movo:Dance.

Beth’s RE2015 sessions:

The PATH of Authentic Voice

A multi-dimensional, holistic approach to personal empowerment through singing, the PATH of Authentic Voice takes you on a journey through Power, Acceptance, Truth and Heart, to discover your authentic voice and reclaim your birthright to be unabashedly expressive! Whatever your purpose and level of experience, the PATH of Authentic Voice offers you a way to realize self-expression that is pure of heart, fiercely true, and radiantly alive.

This workshop includes group voice activities and some solo coaching. If you are interested in working on a solo, bring a song of your choice! You can accompany yourself, or Beth can play piano for you if you’ve got sheet music/charts, or you can bring a karaoke track (there’ll be a sound system set up to connect your iPod, phone or computer), or you can sing a cappella.

This workshop is designed for adult singers, but anyone age 14 and up is welcome to participate.

For more info about PATH of Authentic Voice go to


Beth Noelle’s “Movo:Dance” is a dynamically guided exercise and movement experience that inspires profound connection to your innate Body Wisdom. It’s transformative, healing, playful, nourishing, juicy, passionate, fluid, invigorating, joyful, sexy, deep, empowering, and FUN!

Anyone can receive the benefits of Movo:Dance, with or without prior dance experience. Every person carries within them a flame of authentic aliveness. Movo:Dance fans that flame and is a catalyst for self-understanding, vitality, and well-being — physically and otherwise.

We will meet every morning throughout the conference, and you can join us for any of our sessions. Or come dance with us every morning and enjoy the magic of creating community through movement.

What to bring: A water bottle
What to wear: Comfortable clothing (T-shirt, shorts, etc.) Movo:Dance is designed to feel best in bare feet.

Come move your body, renew your spirit, and celebrate all that it is to be and become fully human!

For more info on MOVO:Dance, click here:

Got questions? Give Beth a call at 503-890-1650.